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Happy New Year, darlings!

You are not here by chance \ year 2020 meditation
Iyanu Adebiyi (c) 2020 | www.iyanuadebiyi.com

in 2020, it shall be well. you are not here by chance. you have arrived in this place fully loaded with grace to finish the race. this is not the first time you will be here. you have lived this year over and over again before time came to make it tangible.

aren’t you a prophecy first spoken, out of the sweet mouth of god, right before the breaking forth of time? aren’t you a miracle story? aren’t you a tale of crazy faith even in the depth of unknown things?

Aren't you a miracle story | new year reflection
Iyanu Adebiyi (c) 2020 | www.iyanuadebiyi.com

truly, you have always been a prophecy hard to believe. a promise that divinity is determined to keep. i know you want to make this year the year that all your demands are met. the year that all your resolutions take the shape of revolutions that will completely change your life.

peace. rest easy. this year is not your first and last chance at moulding an epic lifetime.

peace, rest | new year reflection
Iyanu Adebiyi (c) 2020 | www.iyanuadebiyi.com

366 days is a long time to change your life, but too short a time to deliver an eternal verdict on how well you have spent your time. even if it were, it is not all dependent on you to mould this beautiful life that you now envision. may all the things you hope for come, find you even when you are hiding, stay. may you find grace to do the work and succeed, even when there is weakness in your bones.

may your dreams grow fire as limbs, burn every distraction, burn every stare of the evil one, burn even fear. burn everything that threatens to dim your light. may your dreams grow past childhood into maturity, to begin feeding themselves and growing bigger than anything you have ever imagined.

you are a constellation. may your year be golden. be kind. be soft. be brave. be love

Bend towards the light | new year reflection
Iyanu Adebiyi (c) 2020 | www.iyanuadebiyi.com

bend towards the light. in 2020, it shall be well.

all of the years you’ve lived till now — the memories that hurt you and the ones that healed you, taught you, broke and built you up are here. not here to rebuke you with regrets. but here to give you wisdom. i tell you, right now is the best place you could be and may this year reward you in all its own unique ways for being here.

2020 is here for you. i only ask that you live this life like a god. you’ve got this.


Live this life like a god | new year reflection
Iyanu Adebiyi (c) 2020 | www.iyanuadebiyi.com
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  1. Thank you!!!this sure made me smile. I’m glad you are here Iyanu, in this time, at this moment. You are a breath of fresh air.❤

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