When I sat down to write this poem, I went to the page with a lot of humility, because I didn’t feel like I had enough feeling and knew enough about love to be able to write about it and not cheat the process. As I wrote, I wrote about a genuine love that has always been with me since I was a child and this poem is the real expression of it. While this is a poem I wrote to commemorate Valentine’s Day, it is also a poem that celebrates love in all its forms; whether in friendship, romantic love or whatever form it comes in.

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when i think about loving you,

i wonder how sane we looked

dancing so close to the sun.

what did we think we were

when we became tongues of fire

standing at the war-front  of a love

that swallowed us whole?

this is what we look like at the hem of madness.       

burning together   behind the vast old sea of affection

here, we are fire & thunderstorm

wrapped together in one

this is our love, so vast & eternal

we ran to the ledge of fear

panting & weeping at the prophecy

of this bond –  so dangerous as death,

yet the resurrection of our bodies

this love         held the glorious weight of our trembling lives,

exposed our wet sorrow to healing light

until the flood passed away. [Wait]

this love has made us possible

& we are devastatingly beautiful,

in the way we carry the burden of our flaws

with one hand, tend to the garden of our love

with the other.

this love is redemption;

it is anchor, it is life & life jacket,

this love it moves to pour mercy upon mercy

until naked shame is dragged to her knees,

when we are nothing but dry bones

so vile & lonely, broken & ugly

this love, calls our names with our whole lives on its tongue

we answer & answer

until our hearts become the full bright bleeding sun –

this love is the love that loves,

the thing that saves us slaves of our trauma

this love is freedom, is heritage, is glory-fortress in the deep of chaos

this love is home after years of wandering

home & blooming, this love is conquering

it is blind bravery beating beneath my chest,

pulls me kicking & screaming, towards the zenith of self

this love is god in purest form

& we are the harmony of god; two of us, yet one.

broken yet whole

this is the love that made us possible

& this love is us.

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In the middle of a million ideas racing through my mind, I catch a thought about death: I’m gonna die someday. It says. It’s true, but if you tell me to explain how it makes me feel, I’d say – helpless, like a falling leaf, a passing wind, something then suddenly, nothing.

Does the thought of death ever make you feel that way?

This thought of death crumbles my pride. It shakes off every sense of self-importance in my bones to know that I will become a star silently singing, terribly aware of everything when nothing is aware of me. It is nerve racking. I lose my presence of mind, only to exist only in the past. To dream in reverse.

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SINGLE GIRL PROBLEMS + HOW I’M COPING | single girl problems

The first time I began to see being single as a ‘problem’ was in 2018, during my state service year. At work, a fight broke out between a fellow corps member and her supervisor. It escalated quickly and they raised their voices. I was on my own, doing my work when I suddenly heard her voice pitch a little higher with resentment as she said;

“I’m a married woman, so you can’t talk to me like that.” Her left hand did a sweeping motion towards me and the others, “There are single people here, you can talk to them anyhow you want, but you cannot talk to me anyhow. I am somebody’s wife.”



Hi, my name is Iyanuoluwa Adebiyi. You can call me Iyanu (pronounced e-YAH-noo).  I’m a lawyer, writer and performance poet, also a rookie videographer and video editor. I am so many things you’d get to know with time, but the first thing I’d like to say in this blog is thank you for creating space for me to share my heart with you.

Let me tell you a secret. When I was a kid, I used to daydream about becoming a beauty queen. Before the crowning, an imaginary interviewer would ask me a question.