I’m guessing you already know your purpose. Sometimes you might be uncertain, but the truth is always nestled deeply within your veins.

Do you ever doubt that purpose? Sometimes I do. I forget my real intention and begin to focus on other things like; being liked, being rich, doing things that make others perceive me as a success. How wrong. The true key to success is to be authentic, to live in the truth and to walk in purpose.

I have learnt that no matter what you get distracted by, your true calling will not leave. Purpose is always at the door of your heart, wailing for a chance to come in and destiny is beside him calling your name.

Pay attention to your calling. Whether you answer with a roar or a whisper, you must answer it.  It is sometimes the hardest thing to do. You may have to walk through the greatest pain and fear, but walking in purpose will be the root of your greatest joy and fulfilment.

This world is ever moving, if it moves to the left or to the right, you must be brave. You are worthy of everything you came to this world to do. Dare to walk beyond the shore. Even behind the cloud, there is life. No matter how bleak, the sun is shining beneath your chest.

Your eyes are the scepter of heaven. Open. See the power and authority at your beck and call. You are loved in the deepest, most intricate way. And you are chosen to do that which you have been called to do. Time is gone now. This life is both long and short. And this work of purpose will be the work that makes all other works irrelevant.

Be brave, my friend. Be brave.


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