Today is day 3. The number 3 is one of my favorite numbers, and so I have chosen to
write you about something I feel very strongly about – fear.

  • What are some of the things people say about fear?
  • fear is a difficult emotion
  • fear holds you back & cripples you
  • fear makes you incapable of living your dreams
  • fear is the root of your failure
  • fear is a bad bad thing
  • run far far away from it (fear your fear)

It’s been a long hard road of wrestling my fear. I grew up a church singer with stage fright. Every Sunday, I had to wrestle it to the ground so I could sing. Some days, I triumphed. Most days, my fear beat me black and blue.

So, for a long time, I hated it and tried to run away from it. Anything that made me anxious, I escaped. When I realized that I was called to the stage, I began to look for ways to combat that fear. Then, I started to act unafraid, but false-confidence has never been worthwhile for me.

Breakthrough came when I gave up the fight. I realized that that fear, which I was taught to hate so perfectly and run away from was a part of myself that loved me and wanted the best for me and my hating that fear was one of the many ways I hated myself.

Granted. Fear is evil, but it is an evil that grows out of the darkest places in us. Shutting down your fear is like locking up a child who is afraid of the dark, in a dark room, saying, “If I didn’t give birth to you, my life would have been so much better.” A good mother or father, would bring the light into the room. 

Recognize that your fear is you loving you to your own detriment. Instead of abandoning and being cruel to yourself, let the light in. Interrogate your fear. Thank it for wanting the highest best for you, and then put it to rest gently.

The part of you that fears is a part of you that loves you. It may lack belief, but that doesn’t mean it loves you any less.

Below is a quote I love. Think about this today. In my next blog, I will post a letter I wrote to my fear. I hope it frees you like it is freeing me.

“become intimate with your fears. listen
to them. sit cross legged. give them
your undivided attention….offer them
comfort. offer them rest.”

– Nayyirah Waheed

What are some of your greatest fears and in what ways can you embrace them today?

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