Problem statement: Lack of Focus

I know you. You’re a dreamer. Half the time, you’re not really here. You’ve carved an alternate universe for yourself in your fantasies. Your dreams are mountain tall. You walk around calm and still, but inside, you are going crazy with ideas that can change the world.

Maybe you’re not particularly feeling like a dreamer today, maybe it seems so far-fetched, so impossible that it hurts to think about your dreams. and this is valid too.

We dreamers, we are like this; brimming tanks of ideas, always on the move chasing our dreams, breaking our backs with heavy weight of ambition. And it gets tiring. Yes, the Instagram writer is right;

“Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired.”

My soul was really getting tired. I was so busy, but I was barely getting anything done. So, I said two prayers;

  1. Peel me open.
  2. Take me to the root of my failure.

How to Concentrate in a Multitude of Dreams

My prayers are gradually being answered. Today, I saw my soul child. She is overwhelmed. She begged me to stop and pay attention. She stood there breaking under the big heap of dreams I’d dumped on her all these years. She was crying softly and I stood still to listen. I apologized and asked what I could do to make things better. She said;

“What is the simplest thing you can do about all these dreams today?”   

I said, “write. I can write for one hour today.”

She said, “Excellent. Please, do just that.”
I instantly remembered a video of two men I’d seen, playing chess with white and black stones. The person with the black stones was winning as he kept taking out the white stones, but the guy with the white stones kept moving only one white stone towards the opposition. The opposition was winning, but the guy with the white stones focused on that one stone. When the one white stone had gotten to the most strategic point on the board, the man with the white stone won by taking out all the black stones out at once.
Fam, what is the simplest thing you can do about your dreams today?

Excellent. Please, do just that.


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