Are You Tired and Ready To Give Up?

Let me tell you a story.
There lived a young man, named Tari, who was optimistic. He felt like everything he needed to be successful was at the tip of his fingers; his fishing rod and net, his boat, and so on.
“Just one night and I’ll never be hungry again.” He thought and went straight to work. Tari struggled through the night, but couldn’t catch one fish.
He tried severally, each time hoping to draw up a net full of fish, each time drawing up an empty net. He tried and tried until the first cock crowed, then gave up.

Tari’s sigh was heavy with disappointment as he dragged his boat to the water’s edge and began washing his nets.

“It’s over,” he muttered to himself. “What was I thinking hoping that I could make it? That I could never be poor again? Poverty must be running through my veins. I must be cursed or something. A thousand fishes in the river and I couldn’t even catch one miserable fish?” Tari laughed bitterly as his stomach grumbled. “This is what I was made for – hunger!” he proclaimed as he reached the edge of the water.

“Push back the boat.” A scary looking old man, who had been sitting on a rock beside the water, suddenly said.

Tari didn’t want to be rude, so he explained to the old man that there is no fish in the river for him, and no point wasting his time.

“There is fish in the river and you will catch many if you do not give up.”

Tari did as the old man said, but came back again with an empty net and much grumbling.

“I told you there’s no fish for me in that river.”  There was a tiny note of triumph in his voice. Tari loved being right.

“Push back the boat,” The old man said.

His frustration growing and growing high like mount Everest. The sun was shining brightly and he was sweating profusely. Tari came back over and over again with an empty net.

“Push back the boat.”

Tari was fagged out and could barely stand, but he decided to try again for the last time and promised to give the old man a slap for all the trouble, if he didn’t come back with some fish.

The old man called after him.“You claim there is no fish in the river, but several people have found fish in that same river. Why are you fighting so hard to keep on believing the lie that you were made for failure when it is success that you are really afraid of?”
“But…” Tari turned to say.

“Push back the boat and this time, do not come back until after you have caught some fish.”

Friend, whatever the river of your dreams may look like, you will catch some fish if you do not give up. Push back the boat.


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