Dear Friend,

Stop acting like you do not have the right to be happy until you have achieved all your dreams. I know the days are long and tiring and you spend each one wondering when the prayer will be answered, when the big break will come. It feels so far away and now, hope is starting to drown in the big sea of time.

You are worthy of laughter and wild + happy memories, right here in this waiting. You are worthy of hope that survives the harshest drought-seasons. As your faith is being tested, it is still a holy thing.

I know sometimes you wonder if the promise will ever come. But even in this tiring place, you are entering into a new realm of awareness, you are finding new pieces of yourself you never thought possible, fighting terrible giants and jumping over milestones that require a lot of stretching, a lot of diving into the deep of your soul and reaching far and wide to touch the seeds of greatness nestled in the core of who you are.

This is not the time to be impatient, not the time to grumble and try to force things or live life in the constant whirlpool of mourning. This is the time to practice patience and faith. You don’t need to have all the answers. You don’t need to get frustrated or react to every doubt. You can be where you are and be okay.

Gratitude, friend. Every day you wake up to your life, as it is right now, is a gift. Be present to it all. You are worthy to use this gift in the unique way it is meant to be used. There is no rush in the grand scheme of things. Give every miracle freedom to come at its own time – don’t try to harvest the fruit before it is ripe. You may think that waiting is painful, but an unripe fruit is poison. It will kill you. Take this delay as protection from heaven. Remember the lover of your soul is wisdom.

Rest. Your time is on its way. It is not even as far as it seems right now. Rest in the knowledge of this old and tested principle; that there is a time and a season for everything.

Now may be your time to bend your back and do the work. Give your entire being to this. This planting season is as important as the coming season of harvest. This wilderness needs your love more than the promised land which you are going to. You will arrive.

Rest assured, friend. Rest assured.


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