What are your dreams – not in terms of accomplishments now – but who do you really want to be? What feeds your drive? What is your purpose? Purpose – not what you do for a living, but what you live for. Not what you do for Instagram, but what you do Instagram for.

The life of a truly inspired being is always characterized by service, and there is no way that a person can serve without his or her heart. Working without investing all of yourself is just that – mere work. Service is so much more.

Today, I am calling out to you. Conquer your screaming demons, so you can plunge into the work you’ve been called to do, with all your heart. No reservations. No looking back.

Many of us need to lose this attitude and entitlement mentality; we expect the Purpose to support, feed and serve us. We want the Calling to get us the car, mansion, trip, crush, fame, etc. Truth is, it is our responsibility to serve purpose. We can’t put the cart before the horse. We’ve got to do the work.

friend, I don’t know about you but I am done working only because of what I want to get in return. I am ready to plunge myself completely into the comings and goings of what I am really here to do. To give all of myself to my earth-mission; the portal of heaven’s vision open through me,  & not hold back. & not pause to worry about the rewards. To trust that I am fully taken care of, no matter the turmoil or the drought. To trust in that which has called me into the pulsing darkness of this world to be a marvellous light.

Let us stop striving for things that are already available for the ones who pursue purpose selflessly. Let’s learn to be the givers and not takers, takers, takers only.

Friend, let us learn from the sun. How it keeps on shining even when the clouds have swallowed it.

May we make it to shine & keep on shining. Living in service and sacrifice is the highest form of love. May we be love.

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