Early this year, I did Business school. We were asked to design an MVP to test the validity of our business ideas. I was told to map out a strategy in class and I couldn’t do justice to a dream that had shaped my every breath since 2016. Working through it with my facilitator (who is an ardent reader of the blog!), I decided to create a website and said, if I got 100 subscribers by the end of the year, it would be proof that my writing business is worth it.

I was so full of fear that I stalled until August. So much time had passed, I thought it would be impossible to get 100 subscribers this year. Fun fact: it’s not up to a month since I started, and 95 people have subscribed to my website. Imagine what could have happened if I had just believed?

Did you watch Spiderman: Far from Home? Did you see how fearful he was, how he didn’t know how to be who he was, dis-believed the truth about himself, gave the deadliest weapon in the world (a pair of eyeglasses) to his enemy? I’m not judging. I am Spiderman. You are too – the neighbourhood super hero who makes many mistakes – Spiderman, not Spidergod. We are human, so terribly human and that’s okay.

In the movie, Spiderman had to save the world from Mysterio who caused havoc by using lots of synchronized drones to depict that gigantic giants, called Elementals, were attacking the world. This situation seemed so hopeless for Spiderman at first, just as 100 subscribers seemed like an ocean for me to gather in 1 year.

When Spiderman began to fight the illusions, he shut his eyes to all that was burning around him and said to himself, “it is not real.”

How many illusions do you receive as ultimate truth in this social media age, where everyone seems to be living their best lives? How many times do you shut your dreams out because of some inadequacy you feel?

 In the movie, Mysterio said, “It’s easy to fool people when they are already fooling themselves.”

This reminds me of the parable of a man who buried his one talent after convincing himself that the talent of others were more powerful than his. He should have known that there are no plurals in the spirit realm, everything is one. Even three or five talents of gold is one.

Friend, you have equal capacity with the world’s greatest idols. It may feel like one miserable talent of gold or a mere pair of eyeglasses called EDITH. If you hide what you have been given, believing it is too small compared to others, you are giving the evil one and his special effects, power over your destiny.

You’re the hero. Shut your eyes to everything telling you otherwise and just believe.

God’s speed Spiderman, Iyanu.

If you haven’t seen Spiderman, find a way to see it or read the dialogues. There are so many hidden meanings I can’t highlight because it will make the article too long. If this is a topic that interests you, leave a message and let’s chat about it. Your messages really make me smile. I want to continue hearing from you.

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