You are the creator’s creation. Creating comes easily to you. When you sit down to craft something new, it is not you that sits down, it is not you that does the work. The supreme one is sitting there gallantly within you.

Today, learn to separate your flesh from the problems you are faced with and let divinity take over. There is power available for you, even in your tiniest breath, there lies a seal of authority. That you are here right now is all the proof you need to know this;

 1. You are a special part of this universe
2. The world desperately needs you.
3. You have great grace to do the impossible.

I want you to realize that the next moment is not in your hands, so sit still. Trust. When success or failure comes, embrace it and keep on trying.

It is important to keep moving no matter how many times you fail. Shift your pattern of getting distracted by what everyone else is doing. Focus on your own portion of work. You were born for this work of purpose. You are here at the precise time you are meant to be here.

The person you are becoming will experience more successes and breakthroughs. Even now, you are growing in tenacity, strength and courage. You are wrapped in insurmountable grace. You can do this.

Friend, you sure can.


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