Hi, my name is Iyanuoluwa Adebiyi. You can call me Iyanu (pronounced e-YAH-noo).  I’m a lawyer, writer and performance poet, also a rookie videographer and video editor. I am so many things you’d get to know with time, but the first thing I’d like to say in this blog is thank you for creating space for me to share my heart with you.

Let me tell you a secret. When I was a kid, I used to daydream about becoming a beauty queen. Before the crowning, an imaginary interviewer would ask me a question.

“If you had to spend three days in the desert and you could only take 3 things with you for survival, what would they be?”

 “I’ll take a jar, a pen and paper.” The interviewer would pause with skepticism, before asking me why and I’d say;
“I believe there is always water in the desert. The problem is that people don’t search for it but I will and while I’m searching, I’ll leave signs on the way, so others can find water where I found it too.”

As foolish and illogical as my childhood fantasy answer may seem, I see it as the best illustration for my life’s purpose, because in my journey through the ups and downs of life, writing is how I place signposts of hope towards salvation and healing.

Sharing my work has never been easy. In 2014 when I caught the first glimpse of what words can do and started to write on Facebook, I had to shut my eyes tightly, grit my teeth, force my trembling hands to post it.

Posting my writing has always felt like a strange kind of falling, but in doing that I have found that there is always someone willing to catch me, whether by sending in an encouraging me-too or a kind “I feel that too.”

This journey has changed my life. This process has molded, is still molding me. And the hardest part is having to birth all these words from long stretches of clanging silence. A silence that wrestles with me every day.

This is why I waited so long to start this blog, spent years dreaming, but never having confidence to take the leap, because I kept on wondering whether I am enough, whether I am worthy of this, whether I could commit to writing consistently with or without reward.

Fotogallery (C) 2019

Confidence is a powerful trait. It will get you so many good things, but I have never been a confident person. It is courage that I thrive in. To be afraid and still do it. To dread the destination and keep on walking. This is why it has always been hard for me to share my work; In a crowd, I prefer to keep quiet, to hold my peace or my war to my side, to hide my light and my life, not because I want to protect it, but because I fear it.

Starting this blog is a way for me to dig into another layer of the fear and tell it, “you do not control me anymore.” This feels like holding a lion’s mouth apart and breaking its jaw. This feels like singing in the belly of a shark. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to save the world, I’m just an ordinary blinking star who has found strength in letting my imperfect light shine.

I had to trudge through a million miles of self-doubt and uncertainty to get here – this place where, I am willing to surrender to the yearning and the call even if it means to stumble and fall in plain sight of everyone, even if it means to fail, to start over and over again until I get it right.

This place is terrifying and beautiful at the same time. My soul is dripping with gratefulness. And even now I am still travelling through, it is the highest blessing to walk this walk with you. Yes, you. I intend to hold hands. I intend to put one hand on your shoulder, one hand on the left side of your chest and whisper, “I can still feel a beat, friend. There is hope.” 

Iyke Ibeh (C) 2018

I hope you will not flinch when I strip, because that is what I intend to do; walk this walk with you as intimately and as honestly as I can. I am committed to encouraging and inspiring you to look past the dark sky and count the stars. I want to share, with you, words that revive and refresh me in my own trying, dying or happy times.  I want you to share with me too – your life’s story, things that help you breathe, how you found or are finding water in the desert and what that means for you.

So, I will be here every week connecting, holding space for you to come in and know that you belong to something soft and genuine, here to support you through my writing: short stories, tutorials and how-to posts, life lessons, affirmations, prayers, parables, poems. To explore what it means to be a lawyer and a poet navigating through life as a Nigerian female millennial. To inspire you to something greater. To firmly believe what the tiny sunshine is telling you; that  your dreams are valid, that you are magic, fireworks, good enough for your own love, powerful beyond measure.

You’ll hear from me soon, but in the meantime, here is a list of things you could do:

  1. Post a comment to introduce yourself to me.
  2. Get acquainted with the website, view the pages and get to know more about me.
  3. Follow my blog if you’re a blogger or have a WordPress account.
  4. Subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.
  5. Send me feedback on what works, what doesn’t, what gave you a hard time, what didn’t.
  6. Share this post.

Catch you next week!

Remember, brightest lights shine in darkest night, gifted hands carry the heaviest weight.

Stay open. Keep walking. There’s water in the desert.

Iyanu Adebiyi

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  1. I believe everybody on earth should hear your story because it is worth sharing. I hope that grace is given to this blog to go far and wide. And, dear God, it will!

    All in all, best wishes, amazon!

    1. When I read this, I heard your voice as if you were reading it out loud and I was a person close enough to hear. I’m excited for your journey. I too have carried the weight of fear and wanting to keep my peace and shy back. But I’ve discovered that life is short and we are to gifted.

      My name is Davin Cook, I too enjoy to lead people to a better place where they can find freedom if they do choose. A place of refreshment and vitality of life.

      Grateful to to experience your journey as you become more of what and who you already are.

      Continue to step my friend:)

      Love and light!

      1. Thank you so much, Davin. I watch your journey and I’m proud. It is beautiful. It is inspiring. Thank you for being here. It means three moons to me.

  2. Dear Iyanu,
    Thank you so much for sharing this blessing with us.
    You do a lot for me.
    Keep inspiring and I wish you all the love and best for this HOLY WALK.

    I am Larry Onokpite (@write_at_sunset).

  3. My name is Elizabeth Olojede and you remind me of myself a lot and everytime i read your posts it feels like something in me comes alive .im also a lawyer by the way😁

  4. Hi, Lizzy. That is so amazing. I am very happy to be connected to you in this way. You’re also a lawyer, that’s grand! Welcome.

  5. This is great!

    Thank you for being a vessel to enrich us all. Your every piece is worth reading over and over again. Thank you Iyanu

    1. My soul is full of gratitude to be able to do tgis, to be able to connect with you like this, my friend.

  6. I love your words and I hope to learn a lot from you.

    I am Janetta Konah, a writer from Liberia. I love to write motivational content, poetry and children stories.

    A word for you, “Once you trust your process, you will make it through.”

    Love and light always.

    1. Hi, Janetta. Thank you for reaching out and where can I find some of your work? I would love to take a read. Also, I am grateful for that word.

      Lots of love to you.

  7. If there were words to describe how I felt when I read this, I’d pour then here, this morning I woke up alone on a side that had almost become part of my existence, I needed to talk to someone, I needed to listen to someone say something, and immediately I texted my friend ,UB and she blessed me, our conversation was almost over when I checked Instagram and I remembered I was looking for your blog link, everything she said and everything you’ve written has been the reason why the tears I poured on my bed sheet are dried, there’s a few left but they’re tears or reassurance that people with hearts and words of gold still exist. I’m so ready to follow everything you write every week… Thank you Iyanu, thank you so much 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

    1. Hi, Roberta. People like you are the reason why I do what I do. People who are not only willing to open themselves up to my words, but also willing to let me into their world. You are a star shining in your own right. You are here for a reason and you are powerful beyond measure, no matter what happens.

      I love you, Roberta

    1. Hi, Heazy Black. Instagram community coming through like kilode! I’m so happy for this new chapter – that I get to say your true name to myself – BOLUWATIFE – and I get to enter another dimension of friendship with you. Thank you for coming along. Rest here. This is God’s will.

    1. Ak-money!! It’s been almost two years since I last saw you, but you’ve remained my sister. It means everything to me. Thank you, my love.

  8. A very long read by my standard but I couldn’t drop my phone once I started. I read everything and for most part of it it felt like you were telling my story. I love to write, I’ve been writing since I was in primary school but I am always afraid to share my thoughts, stories and views. I feel bad that at my age, I am yet to overcome this fear but I am not losing hope and ai believe one day, I’ll conquer this fear and feel confident enough to let the world hear my story.

    My name is Tahir. Do you remember the first day and only day we met? I walked into my office to find a young beautiful girl with a hairstyle that caught my attention. I walked up to you, I could feel how shy you were but I tried and succeeded to make you talk, smile and laugh. I ended up interviewing you and you blew my mind completely. I’ll never forget that day.

    My encounter with you that day gives a picture of what my life is all about. I am here on earth to play a role in making the world better than I met it. I reach out to people, make them feel at home, give them shoulder to lean, wipe tears from their eyes. I try to be a good example, letting my words and action speak for me in a way that years after I am done, those we crossed path will always remember me for good things and good things only. I believe by doing that, I am also giving myself the chance to learn from those I reach out to because when you look at it deeply, I actually need the people more than they need me. We learn from one another, we build bridges of friendship and love. We don’t discriminate. We are one people, specially created by God to make a difference, an impression that will last long in the hearts of those around us. This is what I am all about. I’ll be here every week to learn from you. Thank you.

    1. My dear Tahir, it is strange that you called this a long read and then went ahead to write me an epistle. I love it. I think you’re an amazing writer. I saved what you wrote me for my birthday and I still go back to it sometimes. You really reach into my soul with your words and it’s such a beautiful thing.

      I remember the day we first met. Thanks for making me feel at home and commending my poetry the way you did. You are so much light with the way you do your job and how you connect with people.

      I hope to see you again, sometime soon, but until then, keep being the amazing you.

  9. Please keep doing what you do. You are surely going places dear iyanu. God is on your side. You write so beautifully well.

  10. Hi Iyanu Adebiyi
    You are one of my favorite persons.
    Thank you for hearing God’s voice
    Thank you for sharing your heart to us through words.

    I am Ogech Eze
    I’m a bit of a writer and a poet
    @let’s talk with Gech

  11. A very valid Holy walk darling. We are here to learn, grow and walk with you, hopefully it will help clear our paths too❤

  12. Thank you for this encouraging words. I feel very encouraged, please keep at it and God bless you.

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